Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to my adventure!

This adventure really started in the summer of 2007. My husband and I had started talking generally about the idea of someday checking out of the East Coast big city lawyer scene and moving back to New Mexico, where he grew up.

Then, the craziest things started to happen. We paid off most of our law school loans. My husband miraculously found a wonderful job opportunity in New Mexico. I was pregnant with our second child and said, why not? We packed up, sold our house (yes, in this market!) and moved a month later.

The move has been great for us. While we still both have legal careers, we see our kids more and now I have time to scratch that creative itch that has been bugging me for years. A few months ago, a friend showed me how she makes her incredible beaded jewelry. I had made jewelry before, in metal shop as a kid and later in college. However, I was mostly self-taught and my stuff looked it :). Now I had the tools (literally and figuratively) to pursue this passion and soon I was addicted.

My friends have been incredibly supportive and several people suggested that I start selling my pieces. Where it will lead, who knows? Etsy gave me the opportunity to list some of my jewelry in a comfortable environment and now I figured I'd blog about it.

Check out my store with all of my latest creations at

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