Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marketing on the Internet

So, one of the biggest challenges of my new business is trying to market it during my so-called "free time!" I started this adventure because I was using my free time to make things. Although I love marketing in some ways, especially when I really believe in a product, I sometimes wish I could just sit and create. Isn't what this is all about anyway?

I've had a few successes. First, my friends have been incredibly supportive of my new endeavor. They are so sweet to compliment my new designs and encourage me every step of the way. They are a great source of potential referrals and that has already started to pay off! Second, I am hopping around on the Etsy forums and adding my thoughts when people are soliciting opinions. That has been great in two ways. I learn wonderful things from generous people and sometimes people visit my site and "heart" it (bookmark it) for later. Finally, I wear my pieces and I ordered business cards for those times when people stop and say -- "I love your necklace/earrings/etc." Now, I can hand off a business card and tell people to check out my shop on Etsy.

None of this takes too much time away from my kids or my law job and I know that consistency in these things will help to move my business forward.

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