Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I've bought and LOVED on Etsy

I've found that Etsy is a wonderful marketplace for more than just jewelry (like mine - LOL). I've been very happy with my purchases - a handmade jersey shirt, crocheted washcloths and some fabulous "green" dog toys. Here are my reviews for those of you who may be afraid to take the handmade plunge...

Little Bits long sleeve shirt from I LOVE this shirt and have worn it twice already. Hubby likes it, it fits well and it arrived very quickly. I usually wear a size M and it fits true to size. I think that the quality of these pieces is very good and worth the price.

Tug 'o War toys from My chocolate lab "puppy" -- she's a year old and still loves to chew, of course -- loves these toys. They are made with reclaimed tennis balls (check out the story on woofpurrcreations' site) and braided fleece in your selection of colors. Ginger is happy and she is eating fewer of my kids' toys, so we are all happy! Plus, this is a green solution. Everybody can feel great about this one. Customer service was terrific.

Handmade washcloths custom ordered through the Alchemy feature on Etsy from The picture is not of the washcloths (sorry, don't have one), but these little hats are adorable and show how great busymommy is at her craft. I received several washcloths in colors that coordinate with my kitchen perfectly. They have held up and do a great job. This is a very "green" alternative to paper towels! Busymommy's communication was great and her work was fantastic!

These are just a few of the great sellers on Etsy whose work impresses and inspires me!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Free earrings!

To celebrate my first month with a shop on Etsy, I'm running a giveaway for everyone who posts a comment about one of my jewelry items on either this blog (respond to this post) or on one of my spotlights on I'd love to hear thoughts, critiques, whatever. One lucky person will get to choose a free pair of earrings from my store. The giveaway ends on 3/10/09.

You can find all of my pieces on or just follow the link on this page. Happy looking and thanks for a great first month on Etsy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Signs of spring...

Every spring I get an itch to put away the dark colors of winter and pull out the brights and pastels. I just love color and love to wear it. This must have impacted my jewelry designing recently because everything I made was light, bright and cheery.
One of my new favorites is this loooong copper chain (37") with floating flourite and crystal beads, which I suspended with some fine copper wrapped wire. It was very time-consuming, but the result was just so neat. I love how the open links make the necklace airy and the stones add just the perfect amount of extra color and sparkle. I'm so glad that I had some time to play with wire! I've been obsessed with this type of necklace since seeing one of my favorite actresses wearing them constantly lately.

Baby Turns One!

I took a break from jewelry, work and blogging this weekend to properly celebrate my little girl's first birthday! She was just adorable and loved her "flower cake" decorated with bright, beautiful flowers.

I was able to take pictures with my new camera because our lab *ouch* chewed the other part of the power cord, goodness knows how she found it!